‘You’re Getting Deported, Terrorist’: Racist Moron From NYC Threatens Arab Uber Driver (VIDEO)

Day 12 in Trump’s America and we’ve already witnessed swastikas and sieg heils, but we just need to accept thee results of this election and embrace the Fourth Reich.

Despite the fact that Lord Cheeto has made it painfully clear that is foremost presidential concerns are going after a Broadway Musical and a 90’s punk rock group, his miserably uninformed deplorables are already starting the eventual Trump Administration policy of “deport all brown guys who drive cabs”.

Case in point, a typical racist moron from Queens, NY was videotaped accosting  an Arab American Uber driver in Astoria:

“Trump is president, [expletive]! So you can kiss your [expletive] visa goodbye, scumbag,” the man said. “They’ll deport you soon. Don’t worry, you [expletive] terrorist.”

The recipient of the deplorable’s incoherent white rage was the Uber driver of Chris Cody, a St. Johns University adjunct professor who speaks Arabic. Cody said he found out about the incident after striking up a conversation with his Uber driver, whom he knows only by his first name, Mohammed.

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“Right before I picked you up, I had a horrible incident,” Cody recalled his driver saying.

“What happened?” Cody asked.

“Let me show you,” Mohammed said, showing the 40-second clip to his passenger.

I guess this is what Republicans meant by starting the ‘healing.’

The reality (something Trump hates more than weak tanning beds), of course, is far more different and terrifying.  For example, ever since Orange Hitler sort of won the election, New York has seen an unhealthy rise in hate crimes. It’s gotten to the point where a special police unit is being created to fight the uptick in New York.

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